Hollyoaks spoilers! Sami puts his plan to frame James for Kyle’s murder, into action

While Sami ploughs ahead with the plot to frame James, Kyle is beginning to have second thoughts. Plus Ste is worried as Leah's dad, Billy, stirs up trouble....

Sami gives Kyle strict instructions so they can carry out their plan to frame James and get the lawyer arrested for the murder of Kyle. First they need to lay the groundwork and make sure everything runs like clockwork.

While Sami forges ahead, Kyle is starting to waver and have second thoughts. Is he going to be able to cope with the plot?

Elsewhere, Ste tells Harry about Leah’s dad Billy arriving in the village. Harry is furious when he hears that Billy has blackmailed him as a worried Ste explains that if they don’t give Billy what he wants, it could harm Leah’s custody situation.

Harry tells Ste he’ll sort the problem, but as he goes off to meet Billy, what exactly is Harry planning to do?

Meanwhile, Imran is pleased when his mum Misbah announces she’s going to come and support him at his next football match. However his spirits are quickly deflated and his disappointment turns to rage when Misbah is a no show. What has kept her away?

Plus Marnie wants to show off her newly-decorated flat and decides to throw a soiree, elsewhere Mandy asks Luke to drive Ella to party, unaware her other half has been drinking!