Plotting Darcy is gearing up for her wedding to Jack but Esther is livid to discover the bride-to-be has taken her Gran’s necklace to wear as, ‘something old’, for her nuptials.

A rattled Esther confronts Darcy over the jewels which her gran promised she could have, and tries to convince Jack that scheming Darcy is up to no good. Will a hoodwinked Jack still go ahead with the wedding plans or can Esther make him realise that selfish Darcy has ulterior motives?

Meanwhile Yasmine continues to amaze Hunter with more details about Neeta but when she has an accident with her Ipad and it stops working, will Hunter discover that Yas has been duping him all along?

Elsewhere, Myra is shocked to find Cleo desperately binge-eating and and is upset to discover that an emotional and struggling Cleo has been battling bulimia for months.

Can she offer her niece the support she needs to try and help her overcome the dangerous eating disorder?