Hollyoaks spoilers! Sienna is convinced that Darren is her stalker. How will she decide to tackle him?

As Sienna grows increasingly manic she becomes convinced that Darren is to blame for all her recent torment....

Sienna becomes increasingly manic as the clock she was sent by her mystery stalker is counting down the minutes.

Grace does her best to calm her down but a frantic Sienna has written a list of potential stalkers and when she goes for a coffee in The Hutch she’s convinced that Darren is the guilty-culprit who’s been making her life hell.

What will Sienna do next? As the clock hits zero there is suddenly a knock on the door….

Elsewhere Zack tells Damon he will help him with his mission to win back Holly.

The pair head off to Glenn’s office but Zack is shocked when he overhears Adam and Glenn discussing dodgy business plans.

He tries to make a swift escape but when Adam and his dad hear a noise, they’re suspicious. Are their secret dealings well and truly rumbled?