Hollyoaks spoilers! Simone campaigns to keep ex-prisoner Sylver out of the village

Simone is on a mission to hound Goldie's ex-con brother, Sylver, out of the village

Having been offered a job by Dirk, Sylver is pleased to be starting his first day at work.


He heads off to The Emporium but business is painfully slow. Dirk is disturbed to realise the lack of customers is because no-one wants to be served by a murderer!


All soon becomes clear. Goldie is fuming when she catches Simone red-handed spreading the word and campaigning to keep “murderer Sylver” out of the village. How will volatile Sylver react when he discovers what the meddling mum has been up to?

Hollyoaks spoilers: Leela and Ste are devastated to learn Tegan has brain damage

Elsewhere, after discovering her how ill Dee Dee is, Tegan is desperate to take her to Disneyland but when her application is declined she decides to surprise the little girl with a special Disney party instead.

However Diane is not happy about any celebrations when Dee Dee is in the middle of her treatment and calls a halt to the party.

An upset Dee Dee turns to Tegan and says she wishes she was her mum instead of Diane. Will Tegan tell Dee Dee the truth, that she IS her biological mum?

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