Hollyoaks spoilers: Sinead O’Connor is convinced Laurie is cheating on her. Is she right?

Sinead O'Connor is livid when she thinks her husband has been cheating and lashes out by ripping up all his clothes in a jealous rage

After discovering that he lied about being at the solicitors for a meeting, Sinead O’Connor becomes convinced that Laurie is seeing another woman behind her back. In a fit of jealous rage, she rips up all of his clothes while he’s out.

However when Laurie returns he’s shocked to see what she’s done and explains she has got it all wrong. The reason he wasn’t at the solicitors when she tried to call their office was because she contacted the wrong branch. He even has the email address to prove his point!

Sinead is mortified that she jumped to the wrong conclusion so quickly and apologises for her angry outburst. However it’s clear Laurie is hiding some very big secrets and all is not as it seems!

Louis in Hollyoaks (played by Karl Collins)

Louis Loveday played by Karl Collins

Elsewhere, after catching Louis and Simone in her office getting passionate, headmistress Sally assures Louis she won’t tell his girlfriend Leela what she saw. Louis is hugely relieved that’s he got off the hook but Simone has had enough of their sneaking about and tells Louis they can’t carry on like this and their affairs is over for good. How will Louis react?

There is more trouble for the Maaliks involving Imran

Plus following the events of yesterday there is fresh drama for the Maalik family involving Imran.

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