Hollyoaks spoilers: Ste asks Sinead to help him stitch up Misbah!

Ste still blames doctor Misbah for his sister Tegan's death and is determined to make her pay!

Ste is still reeling from the fact that doctor Misbah seems to have got away with the death of Tegan and there will be no repercussions.

When he discovers that Sinead has got an interview at the hospital for a nursing job, he begs her to sneak into Misbah’s office and plant a bottle of gin there to set her up. Will Sinead agree to do his dirty work?


Ste asks Sinead to help him

Meanwhile Diane has invited Sinead, Laurie and Hannah to live with them but hasn’t filled Tony in on her plans. How will her hubby react to having three additional dwellers under his roof?

Elsewhere Harley is furious with Tom after he clumsily tried to kiss her the previous day. Peri is still oblivious that her ex made a move on her girlfriend and asks both of them if they fancy going out for drinks. Are things about to get awkward?

peri lomax and tom and steph

Peri, Tom and Harley

Plus Simone and Louis can’t seem to keep their hands off each other and end up kissing. And there’s more drama involving Ste.

He is busy preparing for the Careers Fair at Hollyoaks High when he suddenly hears a suspicious noise and goes off to investigate. Is he about to find himself in danger? And who has got it in for him?

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