Hollyoaks spoilers: Ste makes an emotional plea on social media begging Tony to come home. Will it work?

With Dee Dee's health getting worse, Ste pulls out all the stops to get Tony to come home. Will his emotional video post on social media work?

With Tony now AWOL  for weeks, his family still with no idea of his whereabouts and Dee Dee’s condition getting worse, Ste pulls out all the stops to track him down and makes a heartfelt video pleading for Tony to come home.

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Meanwhile Tegan is devastated when her very sick daughter Dee Dee doesn’t recognise her because of her deteriorating health. When the doctor suggests they treat her with a type of chemotherapy she begins to worry it won’t be in her daughter’s best interests but what will Diane think? Can the pair agree on how best to move forward with the little girl’s hospital treatment?

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Plus, Yazz, who had secretly been giving her brother her mum Misbah’s medication to calm him down and stop his violent outbursts,  is in pain and now terrified of Imran after he viciously punched her in the stomach. She decides not to tell her mum about the attack but instead goes to meet Imran after school hoping he will apologise.

However she’s shocked when not only will he not apologise but threatens her, that if she tells Misbah, he will hurt her again!

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