Hollyoaks spoilers! The stress of Dee Dee’s health condition takes its toll on Diane and Tony

Tony and Diane are at loggerheads as the stress of Dee Dee's health condition starts to take its toll

Tony and Diane can’t stop arguing over Dee Dee’s condition and Tony thinks Dee Dee’s biological mum, Tegan, has a right to know. However Diane disagrees.

Later on when they’re in the hospital the stress is really getting to the warring couple and they begin arguing infront of Dee Dee and a doctor. Can they sort out their differences for their little girl’s sake?

Meanwhile, Darren and Mandy meet up at the Osborne’s to discuss the fact they’ve been rumbled and what they’re going to do about it. Will the pair be able to resist eachother and is their affair really over for good? And more importantly, is Luke about to discover the truth?

Plus Maxine is on a mission to prove who Glenn really is and teams up with DS Roxy to get proof of what he’s been up to. She heads to Glenn’s office to secretly plant a recording device but is startled when Glenn suddenly returns!