Hollyoaks spoilers: Toby Faroe is sent into a blind panic!

Toby Faroe is reeling when he finds out what Mitchell has done

Toby Faroe (Bobby Gordon) is frantic in tonight’s Hollyoaks on at 6.30pm (See our TV Guide for full listings).

Toby’s panic mounts when he realises that some pages from The Red Door book have gone missing.

When Toby and his triplet sibling Celeste (Andrea Ali) are invited to a family meal, Toby’s determined to find out who has ripped the missing pages from the book.

The mystery is solved when Toby spies them in Mitchell’s bag. Toby invites Mitchell to meet up in private so he can explain his side of the story but what exactly will unfold as the two siblings come face to face?

Toby Faroe in Hollyoaks

What is Toby plotting now?

Elsewhere Grace Black (Tamara Wall) offers to cook lunch for Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) after he previously stood her up but she is soon headed for more disappointment when he gets a better offer from Martine Deveraux (Kelly Bryan)  and lets her down again at the last minute.

Felix has decided to go out for a family gathering with Martine (pictured) instead

Felix Westwood in Hollyoaks

Felix has given Grace the could shoulder

Celeste (pictured) and her brothers Toby and Mitchell are also at the meal

Grace is raging when she spots Felix playing happy families with Martine and their kids in the village!

Hollyoaks is shown Mondays to Thursdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4.

On Fridays Hollyoaks Favourites is shown featuring a re-run of a classic episode from the past