Hollyoaks spoilers! Locked-up Nico hatches an escape plan

Trapped Nico has a light-bulb moment and makes plans to escape when Sienna teaches her to knit!

Sienna, who is planning to secretly sell Warren’s flat, still has Nico locked-up in her bedroom but decides to give her something to keep her occupied. How will Nico react when Sienna teaches her to knit and is the trapped teen already cooking up an escape plan?

Meanwhile, keen footballer Olly continues to spend time with coach Buster but it’s clear Buster has got an ulterior motive in mind. Olly is distressed when Buster crosses a line and makes his true intentions clear.

Elsewhere, Luke’s drinking is out of control again and when the struggling alcoholic turns up drunk for work it’s the final straw for his business partners, Darren, Nancy, Tony and Diane who start discussing ways to cut Luke and Mandy out of the restaurant venture. Will they give him a second chance or has Luke blown it once and for all ?