Hollyoaks spoilers! Zack returns to the village and discovers that Adam is dead!

Zack is appalled to discover that Adam is dead so how will he cope when he comes face to face with killer Glenn?

Zack returns to Chester and is appalled to discover that Adam is dead. He knows that Adam’s dad, Glenn, is the murderer but he’s terrified when he bumps into Glenn in Price Slice and the ruthless thug threatens him.

Meanwhile, Luke is drinking heavily but Darren is becoming increasingly suspicious when Mandy attempts to cover up her hubby’s boozing by passing off his behaviour with various excuses.

However the truth later emerges when Luke messes up an important order and Darren realises it was because he was drunk. As a despairing Mandy turns to Darren for help what will happen next?

Elsewhere Farrah is doing her best to help Kim overcome her anxieties, but will her tactics work?

Plus DS Roxy visits Maxine and explains that Glenn was responsible for Adam’s death. How will Maxine cope as she’s rocked with the bombshell news?