Home and Away spoilers: Jasmine Delaney and Colby Thorne kiss!

After some meddling and match-making by Olivia, it looks like Jasmine and Colby's romance is back on!

Since they are now housemates, Olivia has decided to take a special interest in Jasmine’s love-life… whether the hospital nurse likes it or not!

Jasmine almost got together with policeman Colby when she first arrived in the Bay, after he helped put her stalker ex-boyfriend behind bars. However, Colby has been so caught-up in police drama lately, the romance has completely fizzled out.

Olivia does some meddling to make sure Jasmine and Colby get together. And her plan works… but with an unexpected twist!

Meanwhile, Marilyn and John’s new foster kid, Ty arrives. But it looks like it could be a very short stay when Raffy and Ty get into an angry argument and Raffy tells Ty nobody wants him there anyway!

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