Home and Away Spoilers: Martin ‘Ash’ Ashford leaves Summer Bay

Ash decides it's time to put the painful memories of Kat and their unborn baby behind him and says goodbye to Summer Bay...

Dean begins to fear he has pushed Ash too far, as his friend continues to suffer with painful memories of ex-girlfriend Kat and their unborn baby and his hatred for Robbo, who he still blames for the tragedy.

After Dean confides in Ash about the car accident that almost killed him and his sessions with a therapist, Ash realises it is time to put some distance between him and the painful memories back in the Bay. So after a surprise phone call to old friend Irene, Ash decides to hit the road…

Elsewhere, Maggie’s hair continues to fall out after the chemotherapy and she fears for the future. But she puts on a brave face for hubby Ben who is about to begin his new job to support his family.

And Justin is still puzzled by Willow’s sudden decision to break-up with him. But she’s doing her best to avoid him. Has she really given up on them so easily?

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