Home and Away Spoilers: With Ava still missing, a warring Dean and Justin almost come to blows

Justin unleashes his frustrations on Dean

With Ava still AWOL, Ash urges Justin goes to the police to report her missing. A worried Justin agrees but he’s rattled when, at  the police station, Colby wonders whether there is anyone who might want to hurt him or the Morgan family. Justin says no but, later on, he has a run-in with Dean that makes him question Dean’s involvement.

With the two men about to come to blows, Colby drags them both back to the police station. Dean maintains he has no idea where Ava is – but is he telling the truth?

Meanwhile, Robbo’s trial takes a shocking and unexpected turn that leaves everyone reeling. Plus, there’s concern when Ziggy’s health goes rapidly downhill.

Maggie is certain it’s because of the stem cell treatment she’s undertaking and insists that her daughter should no longer be a donor but a worried Ben urges her to reconsider.

Ziggy might be on her sick bed but surely it’s better than Maggie being on her death bed? What will Maggie do?