Home and Away Spoilers: Summer Bay rally to support the Astoni family

Ben Astoni and his youngest daughter Coco are both stressed out as both Maggie and Ziggy's hospital treatment continues

Justin comes face-to-face with Ava’s kidnapper, Hazel. But their tense meeting is unexpectedly interrupted by the arrival of the police! Someone has tipped off copper Colby about Ava’s kidnapping. But who?

Justin is furious as Hazel drives off, and is determined to find out who called the cops. But back home, Justin is in for an even bigger shock when he discovers his girlfriend Willow has a connection to the kidnapper! What’s going on?

Meanwhile, with both Maggie and Ziggy ill from their hospital treatment, dad Ben is feeling the pressure, especially as he’s about to start a new job too. Daughter Coco can’t handle the family situation and starts to skip school, feeling none of her friends can understand what she is going through. Help is at hand when Maggie and Ben discover a special camp for kids whose parents have cancer – but will Coco agree to go?

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