Home and Away spoilers: Can Ryder and Ty repair their friendship?

Things have been a bit weird between teenage pals Ryder and Ty since that awkward kiss. Can the pair get their friendship back on track?

The fallout from Ty’s revelation he is gay continues when Raffy still refuses to forgive classmate Ryder for keeping Ty’s big secret from her. In fact Raffy isn’t ready to forgive anyone involved, including foster parents Marilyn and John who are shocked when the heartbroken teenager announces she wants to move back in with her own family, the Morgans.

Meanwhile, Ty is having a difficult time dealing with his feelings for Ryder, who he tried to kiss, and has been avoiding him. But with everyone due back at school soon, the friends will have to come face-to-face sooner or later.

Out at sea, Brody and Ziggy are still stranded on the boat. But Ziggy panics when she receives a phone call from her younger sister Coco with the news their mum Maggie is in hospital but is refusing to have any more chemotherapy treatment. Can Ziggy find a way to get back to land and make an emergency dash to the hospital to see Maggie before it’s too late?

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