Home and Away spoilers: Can Colby Thorne convince Chelsea Campbell to stay in the Bay?

Chelsea's bags are packed and she's leaving Summer Bay! Luckily Colby hasn't given up on the fight for his fiancee. Can he win her back?

Just when Colby Thorne has decided not to give up on the fight to win back his fiancee Chelsea Campbell, it appears the Summer Bay policeman has left it too late since Chelsea’s bags are packed, she’s moved out of the Caravan Park and is heading out of Summer Bay…

But Colby gives chase and manages to catch-up to Chelsea’s car before she can leave the Bay for good.

However, she ain’t impressed with his dramatic actions and for a moment it looks like the pair are gonna have another massive argument! Chelsea is so annoyed, it doesn’t seem like anything Colby says will change her mind about leaving.

But when the copper lays his feelings on the line, and talks of his six-year search for his missing teenage sister Bella Nixon, who he now has back in his life, will Chelsea start to see that everything Colby has done has been with good intentions?

When Colby attempts to give Chelsea back the engagement ring, will she accept it?

Meanwhile, despite the heartbreak of her recent miscarriage, Tori Morgan is determined to carry on with IVF treatment and fulfill her dream of becoming a mum.

But there’s a major problem: her friend and sperm donor Robbo was devastated by the loss of their unborn baby and can’t face going through with any more risky treatment.

However, Tori is determined to go ahead with a second embryo implantation with or without Robbo’s knowledge or consent!

Shocked by his sister’s plans, Justin warns Tori there’s something morally wrong about her behaviour and theatens to tell Robbo the truth unless Tori does…

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