Home and Away spoilers: Dean Thompson confronts Chelsea Campbell

In the aftermath of Colby and Chelsea's break-up, Dean tries to see if he can help mend fences between the couple. But will he just make things worse?

Colby Thorne may have finally been reunited with his long-missing teenage sister Bella Nixon. But it has cost him his engagement to policewoman Chelsea Campbell who has also secretly reported Colby’s illegal activities to their boss, Sergeant McCarthy…

So when Colby’s best buddy Dean Thompson overhears Chelsea telling Alf Stewart she is planning to move out of the Caravan Park and back to the city, he decides to try and see if he can play peacekeeper between Chelsea and Colby.

But Dean’s in for a shock when he discovers Chelsea has reported Colby to the police and is certain Colby won’t soon forgive her actions…

Elsewhere, Raffy Morrison is all mixed-up after her best friend Ryder Jackson kissed her!

Raffy is convinced Ryder only kissed her because he feels sorry for her because of all the drama she’s been through since being diagnosed with epilepsy. But after a heart-to-heart with her big brother Justin Morgan, will Raffy start to see Ryder in a new light?

Meanwhile, Roo Stewart decides not to take no for answer and decides to sign up for the teacher exchange placement she’s been offered, despite Summer Bay High’s principal Maggie Astoni being unwilling to allow teacher Roo the time off. Will Maggie disapprove of Roo’s act of rebellion?

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