At Salt, Ziggy meets Brody’s niece Ava. Ava and Ziggy start to size each other up much to Brody’s amusement. Ava is annoyed as Justin keeps taking her to the hospital to visit Ash. Ziggy says she will take care of Ava while Justin visits Ash. What could go wrong?

Meanwhile, with Willow demanding that Colby comes clean to the police about his past, Colby decides to speak to Dean to convince Willow to keep quiet. Will Dean help Colby keep his job in the police force or will Dean let Willow speak the truth?

Also, Maggie returns as principal of Summer Bay High and is instantly overwhelmed by the workload she has to catch up on. Has Maggie made a mistake? Will she be able to handle the challenges that come along with working a full-time job and battling cancer? Meanwhile, Ben is hit with a massive bill when Leah needs an electrician…