Hunter is doing everything in his power to get over his break-up with Olivia. Mason realises that Hunter is spending more and more time with Jennifer and warns him not to be in a rush for another relationship, as he still needs to get over Olivia. Meanwhile, Irene tells Olivia that Hunter’s connection with Jennifer is probably a rebound relationship. Irene’s words give Olivia hope, so she confronts Hunter with the theory. What will Hunter say?

Alf refuses to help Roo find her mother. Frustrated, Roo turns to John and Marilyn for comfort. John tells Alf to get on board with Roo’s plan or he could lose his daughter forever. Will Alf back down?

Maggie is trying being practical and discussing all the possible outcomes of her cancer including death. Ben refuses to have the conversation and walks out on his wife. Will Ben be able to support Maggie and his daughters through their darkest time yet?

Also, Raffy makes Coco her priority and wants to support Coco through Maggie’s cancer battle. So she does some research and comes up with a plan to stop Maggie feeling so sick after each chemotherapy session…