Home and Away spoilers: Is there romance in store for Jasmine and Robbo?

After accepting his invitation to dinner, Jasmine finds herself getting to know Robbo even better. Is romance blossoming between the pair?

When Irene teases Jasmine about her dinner date with Robbo, Jasmine makes it clear they are just good friends. But is she 100 per cent telling the truth?

That evening at Salt, Jasmine and Robbo enjoy each other’s company and begin to share stories from their past. But Robbo’s on edge as he begins to realise Jasmine is the first person he’s made a real emotional connection with since losing his wife Lauren and their two children Lucas and Sofia.

The next morning, as Robbo goes for a run down at the beach, he sees a bikini-clad Jasmine coming out of the sea and realises he could be falling for the hospital nurse. But his feelings scare him. Will Robbo reject the chance for romance with Jasmine?

Dean is at rock bottom now he is homeless, broke and facing court over the credit card scam at Salt. To make matters worse, Dean’s refused service at The Diner after the locals discover he was to blame for Alf’s tumble at the Surf Club. With nothing left for him in Summer Bay, Dean packs his bags and prepares to leave…

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