Remember when Jasmine Delaney first arrived in Summer Bay, she soon got together with policeman Colby Thorne?

However, despite getting frisky in the bedroom, Colby didn’t want to commit to a relationship with Jasmine. At the time, he was very focused on finding his missing teenage sister, Bella Nixon.

But fast-forward to the present, and Jasmine is a single lady again following her break-up with fiance Robbo (who also happens to be Colby’s good buddy). And as the drinks flow during a night out clubbing, Colby and Jasmine find themselves having a drunken kiss!

And little do the pair know, but the kiss has been caught-on-camera by their friend Ziggy Morgan. Let’s hope that photo doesn’t find its way into the wrong hands!

Meanwhile, Willow Harris is feeling down-in-the-dumps after confessing her true feelings to ex-boyfriend, Dean Thompson, and not quite getting the reaction she was hoping for.

And Ziggy decides to try and wind-up her cheating estranged hubby Brody by sending him a bunch of selfies taken at the nightclub – along with rude messages!

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Ziggy Morgan

Ziggy’s on a mission to make Brody jealous by sending a load of sexy selfies! (Picture: Channel 5)

The next day, Brody and new lady love Simone Bedford go house-hunting in Yabbie Creek, keen to leave Summer Bay because of all the opposition to their relationship.

However, their plans come to a halt when their rental application is rejected. Simone immediately suspects Brody’s mum-in-law Maggie Astoni (also Simone’s boss at Summer Bay High) has deliberately sabotaged their efforts by giving a bad reference to the rental agency.

Home and Away, Maggie Astoni

Has Maggie sabotaged Brody and Simone’s plans? (Picture: Channel 5)

Or could there be another reason – something to do with Brody’s past – why their plans have bee de-railed?

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