Home and Away spoilers: Justin strikes a deal with scheming Ebony

Can Justin save the garage and convince Ebony not to sue when he offers her the $30,000 the Morgan family raised to pay Ava's ransom?

With his fate in her hands, Justin Morgan meets with Ebony and tries to strike a deal to stop her suing the garage for $100,000 over her recent car “accident”, when she secretly tampered with her own brakes.

Ebony has come to Summer Bay to not only avenge her brother Boyd’s death in the bungled kidnapping of Justin’s daughter Ava. But also to get her hands on the $30,000 ransom money she and her mum Hazel were cheated out of. So wicked Ebony can’t believe her luck when Justin offers her the $30,000 to settle out of court. But Ebony’s may be about to get her hands on the cash, but her revenge mission is far from over…

Meanwhile, Willow’s online gambling addiction is getting out of control as she tries to move on from her break-up with Justin. He still hopes there’s a chance to they will get back together. But determined to push Justin away, Willow gets drunk and makes a move on best friend, Dean! How will Justin react when he sees the pair kissing?

Catch Home and Away from Monday 11th June at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5.