Maggie is sick of moping around, so she decides to return to work. Ben believes Maggie is overdoing it, but Maggie insists that she is more than fine. Meanwhile, Ben decides to return to his handyman business, as the family is short on cash…

Willow continues to look after Dean following his health scare. When Colby comes to the hospital, Willow tells him to leave. She also gives him a piece of her mind and tells Colby that leaving Dean to die and face prison after their crash was despicable and that he should tell the police to the truth or she will. What will Colby do?

Tori and Robbo come to blows over his decision to fire his lawyer after her suggestion to plead guilty on grounds of insanity. Robbo is convinced he made the right call. Tori is tired of supporting Robbo and trying to care for Ash, so when Colby sees how emotionally drained she is, he tells her that he will call legal aid and get Robbo a lawyer. Will Colby’s call to legal aid help Robbo walk free?

Also, Roo finally returns to the Bay and she’s upset as her search for mum Martha was a dead end. Alf comforts his daughter but is privately pleased things haven’t worked out. Will Roo give up the search for her mum?