With only Ryder and his girlfriend Coco aware of the truth about Ty, the teenager’s foster family are puzzled by his strange behaviour and whereabouts since he ran away from the Palmer house.

Ryder vows to keep Ty’s secret. But as the situation gets more serious, Ryder’s under pressure to tell the truth and eventually confides in his granddad Alf how his best buddy Ty tried to kiss him and then ran off.

Alf and Ty’s foster dad John organises a search party and Ty is found just in time, after slipping and falling down a cliff. But Ty’s not out of the woods yet. As the lad recovers in hospital, he must reveal his secret to John and Marilyn and also girlfriend Raffy. How will Raffy cope with the news?

Elsewhere in the Bay, Justin does his best to support sister Tori in the aftermath of her lover Ash’s departure from Summer Bay.

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