Home and Away spoilers: Raffy is annoyed by Ryder and Ty’s bromance

Three's a crowd as far as Raffy is concerned and the teenager is getting totally annoyed by boyfriend Ty's bromance with best buddy Ryder

Things are getting rather confusing for Raffy. One moment she is kissing Ty and thinks they could be girlfriend and boyfriend and the next he is running off to spend time with best buddy Ryder!

If Ty paid Raffy a bit more attention, things could be perfect. They could double-date with Ryder and his girlfriend Coco and everything would be fine. But, right now, Ryder and Ty’s annoying bromance risks ruining everything.

Meanwhile, a shocked Jasmine confronts Willow after catching the fitness instructor stealing from the till at the Surf Club. What’s going on? Willow manages to lie her way out of the situation without revealing the truth about her gambling debts. But when Surf Club boss John discovers the till is short, will new juice bar employee Ryder get the blame?

Elsewhere, while Colby is still suspended from the police force, his friendship with River Boy Dean is back on track. But as the pair enjoy a drink and a surf together, they start talking about the past and end up getting into a punch-up! As police sirens sound, will Colby get arrested landing him in even more trouble?

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