Home and Away spoilers: Raffy Morrison and Coco Astoni try to make amends with Ryder Jackson

After hearing how Ryder has been getting into trouble, Raffy and Coco feel guilty over the way they've been leaving the lad out of their plans

As teenager Ryder Jackson continues to rebel and fails to show-up for his work shifts at the Surf Club juice bar, his friends Raffy Morrison and Coco Astoni begin to wonder if they’ve played a part in the lad’s bad behaviour.

The girls realise they have been leaving Ryder out of their plans a lot lately, especially with all the extra studying they’ve been doing to improve their school grades. But when Raffy and Coco approach Ryder and try to make amends, will Ryder just think they are taking pity on him and refuse to give them a chance?

Meanwhile Tori Morgan and Robbo are in the city for a counselling session at the IVF Clinic, as they prepare to go ahead with their plans for Robbo to become Tori’s sperm donor.

However, when Robbo is asked by the counsellor about his late children Sophia and Lucas, he snaps and a worried Tori wonders if Robbo has really dealt with his grief and is ready to become a dad again. Are Tori’s IVF plans now in jeopardy?

And bad news reaches the Caravan Park when Alf Stewart hears his son Duncan’s ex-wife Caroline has passed away from Huntington’s disease and he must fly to Hawaii to join daughter Roo in supporting grieving Duncan.

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