Home and Away spoilers: Will Robbo accept Tori Morgan’s baby proposal?

Robbo has been left reeling by his friend Tori's unexpected request for him to be her sperm donor. Is he ready to become her baby daddy?

Robbo has been thrown by his friend Tori Morgan’s request for him to become her sperm donor so she can have a baby.

But Tori’s baby bombshell brings back bad memories for Robbo, since the former Federal Agent’s wife Lauren and children Sophia and Lucas were murdered in a home invasion.

Although Robbo feels he owes Tori big-time for previously helping him clear his name of murder, he can’t bring himself to accept her surprise proposal. But what will Tori do now?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, friends Raffy Morrison, Ryder Jackson and Coco Astoni have been reunited after Raffy’s foster dad John Palmer played peacemaker.

However, Ryder’s relationship with girlfriend Coco is still rocky and he feels like he can’t do or say anything without getting on her nerves. Realising they might be better off as just good friends, will Ryder and Coco officially break-up?

Meanwhile, Willow Harris is stressed-out at the thought her ex-boyfriend Dean Thompson could be facing up to 10 years in prison for the credit card fraud she secretly helped him commit.

Willow starts to take out her frustrations on those around her, and when new landlady Irene Roberts takes Willow to task over the messy state she has been leaving the Beach House in, will troubled Willow find herself homeless once more?

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