Willow and her boyfriend Dean find Colby lying paralysed on the floor in the Pier Apartment and he is rushed to hospital. But hospital staff Tori and Jasmine are puzzled by Colby’s symptons. He seems to be having a major reaction to some drugs in his system. Willow and Dean vow the policeman would never illegally use drugs. So who injected Colby with the muscle relaxant and why?

One man who might know is Colby’s apartment roommate Robbo. But he’s got problems of his own, having been caught standing over the dead body of Ebony’s mum Hazel, who was fatally poisoned. And when the police find a similar empty vial of poison at the Pier Apartment, suspicion falls on Robbo and he is arrested for Hazel’s murder…

Also, can Maggie teach hubby Ben how to dance so he can do the dad/daughter waltz at their daughter Ziggy’s wedding?

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