Tori returns to Summer Bay after going away to a yoga retreat after her break up with Ash. Justin welcomes Tori home and tells her that, in due time, Ash will forgive her. Later, Tori heads to the police station to visit Robbo and she realises that Robbo needs urgent psychiatric help.

When Colby says that he doesn’t have access to those resources, Tori goes to extreme lengths to help Robbo and Colby is curious to know why Tori is so determined to help him? Finally, Colby does some more digging on Robbo’s past and has more questions than answers…

Meanwhile, Jasmine is scared to death as David stares at her in the caravan. David acts remorseful for his past behaviour and asks Jasmine not to give up on their relationship. At first, Jasmine softens, but when Jasmine gets a call from Leah, David starts to become aggressive towards her and Jasmine sees David’s true colours again.

He demands that she puts the phone down and leave with him. Jasmine agrees, but says she needs to give Leah the caravan keys back. Will Leah realise that David is Jasmine’s stalker?

Finally, Ryder takes Alf fishing to put a smile on his face. Ryder is concerned he has caused the rift, but Alf reassures his grandson it’s nothing to do with him.