Home and Away spoilers: What’s behind Colby Thorne’s secret sadness?

Puzzled by Colby's sudden moody behaviour, will Jasmine find out the reason behind the policeman's secret sadness?

As policeman Colby Thorne and nurse Jasmine continue their friends-with-benefit arrangement, their relationship runs into trouble when Colby starts acting distant and aloof again.

Jasmine cares about Colby but surely there are only so many times she can put up with his moody behaviour? However, when Jasmine walks in on Colby and finds him lighting a candle on a cupcake, she discovers today is the birthday of his missing sister Bella. Can Jasmine find a way to help Colby deal with his painful memories?

Elsewhere, Dean couldn’t be happier after his kiss with Willow, even though she just did it to drive ex-boyfriend Justin away. So what will Willow decide when Dean suggests they give their past relationship another try? Is she ready to move on from Justin?

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