With Ash and Justin promising to stay out of each others’ lives, the pair barely say two words to each other at work. Justin can’t stand the tension and invites Ash over to the house for a drink, but Ash refuses. Justin is worried about his friend and turns to Irene, John and Marilyn for advice. Irene, John and Marilyn hatch a plan to bring the friend back together and it seems to work. However, tragedy strikes when a car that Ash is working on falls on him.

Raffy walks Coco to her date with Ryder. Just as Raffy is about to leave, Coco begs her stay, as she’s so nervous. Raffy gives her a pep talk and leaves, but will Coco be able to get rid of her nerves, so she can enjoy her date?

Finally, Hunter is overcome with embarrassment when Alf nearly catches him and Jennifer in the act. Alf says the he is throwing the pair out, but Leah is desperate to change Alf’s mind. Will Jennifer and Hunter be left homeless? Later, Hunter tells Leah he doesn’t want to be with Jennifer and tries to break up with her. What will Jennifer say?