Home and Away spoilers: Will Ash testify in court?

And if he does, what will he say?

Dean tells Tori that she has crossed a line forcing Ash to testify for Robbo in court. Tori tries to explain to Ash that she tried to stop him getting a subpoena but Ash doesn’t want to listen. When Ash leaves the hospital, Dean tells him they can force him to testify but they can’t dictate what he says when in court….

Ben is upset that Maggie waited to tell him about the lump she found. Ben pushes aside his own feelings and takes Maggie to the hospital, where Tori runs tests. The pair leave the hospital, but Maggie breaks down in front of Leah. Later, Maggie and Ben return to Tori’s office and it’s bad news, Maggie’s cancer has spread…

Also, after spending the whole night talking at the party, Olivia is confident that it is only a matter of time before Hunter is ready to get back together – but is she right to get her hopes up?