Home and Away Spoilers: Will Dean Thompson expose Colby Thorne’s criminal past?

Dean threatens to wreck Colby's police career by exposing the truth about the copper's criminal past...

Summer Bay copper Colby may have saved Dean’s life during the recent shoot-out with Ava’s kidnapper, Boyd Easton. But River Boy, Dean, still hasn’t forgiven his former best buddy Colby for leaving him to die after a near-fatal car crash years earlier.

When Dean confronts Colby at the Pier Apartment, Colby tries to explain his actions and how he quit the River Boys to become a policeman so he could try and find his mum and sister who disappeared with his abusive stepdad. But Dean realises he has the power to wreck Colby’s career and threatens to reveal all about the copper’s criminal past…

Meanwhile, Olivia is quickly beginning to regret inviting Jasmine to move into the Beach House and confides in Ziggy about all of Jasmine’s ‘annoying’ behaviour. But could it be Olivia is secretly jealous of her new house mate?

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