Hunter’s life hangs in the balance after the lad is knocked unconscious during a scuffle with dodgy thugs on the pier and he suffers a head injury.

Luckily, Robbo swings into his former Federal Agent mode and takes down the thugs. But as an ambulance arives, will it be too late to save Hunter? Ex-girlfriend Olivia races to the hospital and insists on waiting for news about Hunter. But how will she react when he finally wakes up and announces he doesn’t want to see her?

Meanwhile, Robbo is hailed a hero for his quick-thinking actions on the pier. So when he receives another unexpected visit from his Federal Agent pal Lance, will Robbo reconsider joining the Feds again and leaving Summer Bay for good?

Catch Home and Away from Monday 11th June at 1:45pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5