Home and Away spoilers: Will Robbo quit his career with the Feds?

Will the memory of the family he loved and lost change Robbo's mind about becoming a Federal Agent again?

Away at the police training camp it is decision time for Robbo, who must decide if he really wants to return to his old life as Ryan Shaw, the Federal Agent.

Despite passing all the the physical challenges and sharing lots of his knowledge with the new recruits, Robbo is uncomfortable when the trainee cops think he is a hero. After all, he couldn’t save his own family from being killed. Will Robbo turn his back on his career in law enforcement for good?

Meanwhile Justin Morgan’s attack on Dean Thompson at the beach has ex-girlfriend Willow Harris seeing red. But when Willow confronts Justin and tries to get Dean re-hired at the garage, the pair get into an argument leading Willow to wish she’d broken-up with hot headed Justin a lot sooner! But does this mean Willow is finally ready to give Dean a chance…for real?

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