Home and Away Spoilers: Can the Morgan family find $25,000 to pay Ava’s kidnappers?

Time is running out as desperate dad Justin Morgan attempts to raise $25,000 to pay for his daughter Ava's safe release...

Justin still refuses to alert the police over the ransom note demanding $25,000 for the safe return of his young daughter, Ava. But who is the mysterious Hazel Easton and why has she taken Ava?

With the clock ticking, the Morgan family try to raise the ransom money but still don’t have enough. However, desperate dad Justin decides to go ahead with the roadside meeting with the kidnapper, deciding he’ll blag his way through the negotiations and get his daughter back. But is Justin walking into a terrible trap?

Meanwhile, Roo is still full of fun stories from her visit with long-lost mum Martha and shows friend Marilyn one of Martha’s paintings of Roo as a child. Roo’s dad Alf is still trying to come to terms with the blast-from-the-past reunion and becomes convinced Roo is trying to avoid him and doesn’t seem to want to tell him about her trip. Will Martha’s return continue to put distance between dad and daughter?

And it is a difficult time for the Astoni family with mum Maggie in hospital for radiotherapy and chemotherapy to try and beat her cancer. Meanwhile, daughter Ziggy continues to have her stem cells harvested, determined to be a donor and potentially save her mum’s life.

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