Home and Away spoilers: Willow and ex-boyfriend Dean are in big trouble!

Willow and Dean both find themselves being questioned at the police station. Will their credit card scam be exposed by copper Colby?

Dean senses trouble when he sees his policeman pal Colby escorting Willow down to the police station and rushes after them to see if he can help.

During a break from police questioning, Willow reveals to ex-boyfriend Dean that the police know about the credit card scam at Salt and are linking it to the same thieves who knocked Alf to the ground at the Surf Club while making their escape. Willow and Dean both realise it’s only a matter of time before Colby and the police discover the pair were behind both crimes…

But Willow is in for a shock when Dean offers to take the fall for the crimes, so she can walk free!

Elsewhere, Brody and Ziggy are still bickering over him wanting them to move into the cottage behind the Morgan house. It’s a total dump and full of old junk! But Brody isn’t giving up that easily and with the help of Ziggy’s dad Ben transforms the place into a pad fit for a princess to live in. Even Ziggy!

Also, Jasmine feels she is finally making progress with Robbo as the pair continue to banter during their exercise sessions together. But Jasmine is forced to confront her true feelings for Robbo when he unexpectedly invites her out for dinner. Will she accept?

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