Home and Away spoilers: Willow Harris confesses TRUE feelings for Dean Thompson!

Still in a muddle over what happened between Dean and Ziggy, Willow decides to tell ex-boyfriend Dean she's still got the hots for him!

Jasmine Delaney can’t believe the nerve of her ex-fiance Robbo, who has returned to Summer Bay after six weeks of silence and now wants to talk about their broken engagement as if nothing has happened.

Having made it clear to Robbo things are over between them, seeing as he couldn’t be bothered to call or send a message while he was away from the Bay, Jasmine is ready to let her hair down and jumps at the chance to join Ziggy Morgan and their friends, Dean Thompson, Willow Harris and Colby Thorne to go nightclubbing.

Home and Away, Robbo, Jasmine Delaney

Jasmine has officially ended things between her and ex-fiance Robbo (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Robbo reunites with policeman buddy Colby, who wonders if Robbo still thinks he can save his relationship with Jasmine. Will Robbo steer clear of Jasmine or is he prepared to fight to make things right?

But Robbo and Jasmine aren’t the only ones having love troubles, as Willow continues to question her feelings for ex-boyfriend Dean Thompson.

However, when Willow is finally put on the spot and decides to declare her feelings for Dean, will she get the answer she was hoping for from the surfer dude?

And after narrowly avoiding being caught together at the Morgan house, Justin Morgan plans a night at the motel for him and secret lover Leah Patterson. But will Justin’s passionate plans work out?

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