Home and Away spoilers: Is Tori Morgan ready to become a single mum?

After her pregnancy scare, Tori still wants to have a baby. But is the hospital doctor ready for the tough challenge of being a single mum?

Summer Bay doc Tori isn’t about to let the fact she doesn’t have a man stand in the way of her becoming a mum and has secretly begun to research IVF treatment. Tori meets up with single mum Leah, who pretty much raised her son VJ by herself after the death of VJ’s dad Vinnie. But will Tori change her mind about motherhood when Leah makes it clear being a single mum ain’t an easy thing?

Meanwhile, foster mum Marilyn has problems of her own as she prepares to meet her teenage foster son Ty’s estranged mum Jodi. Marilyn’s husband John is furious that she is meddling when Ty has already made it clear he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Jodi, who abandoned him years ago. Will Marilyn make the tense family situation even worse when she tries to get to the bottom of the reason Jodi hasn’t seen Ty in years?

Out at the Farm House, the Astoni family get things ready for Maggie as she is released from hospital and returns home. But when daughter Ziggy reveals a 100-day chart to follow cancer patient Maggie’s recovery, she realises she still has a long way to go.

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