Home and Away spoilers: Justin Morgan asks girlfriend Willow Harris to move back in with him

With their relationship back on track, Justin wants girlfriend Willow to move back into the Morgan house. But then Irene offers to rent Willow a room, too!

When Justin Morgan discovers his girlfriend Willow Harris is homeless again after unexpectedly moving out of the Morgan house, he asks her to move back in. However, it was Willow’s plan to give them both some space by moving out. So will she accept Justin’s offer?

Meanwhile, when Jasmine Delaney discovers Willow is back working at the Surf Club gym, now owned by former Federal Agent Robbo, she feels the new boss has a right to know why Willow previously got the boot from the Surf Club – for stealing.

But Willow is not impressed by hospital nurse Jasmine sticking her nose into her business again and the pair quickly clash.

However, things are looking up for Willow when local landlady Irene Roberts offers to rent her a room at the Beach House. But there’s just one problem – it means sharing the house with arch-rival Jasmine! Can Willow find a way to make peace with Jasmine and accept Irene’s offer to solve her homeless problem?

Elsewhere, Hunter is feeling directionless after dropping out of university after his ill-fated affair with his lecturer, Christina.

But former stepmum Leah Patterson is in for a shock when Hunter unexpectedly announces he’s decided to leave Summer Bay to go and live with Leah’s ex-hubby, Zac MacGuire, in Vietnam!

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