Home and Away spoilers: Leah Patterson confronts Christina over Hunter

Leah is heading for a major falling out with former stepson Hunter when she confronts his university lecturer Christina about her intentions...

Leah is disappointed when she discovers her former stepson Hunter has ignored her advice about not getting too involved with his university lecturer Christina. Hunter is keen to land the basketball internship and sees nothing wrong in working on his fitness levels through workout sessions with Christina. However, sensing the chemistry between the pair, Leah is worried Christina is abusing her position of power and is just using Hunter for a bit of fun.

Stomping down to the beach, Leah warns Christina to back-off, making it clear Hunter has had enough past drama in his life and doesn’t need anymore! But when a shaken Christina then gives Hunter the brush-off and makes it clear he needs to find someone else to work out with, it looks like Leah may have accidentally jeopardised student Hunter’s chance of landing the internship with the basketball team. Will Hunter ever forgive her?

Meanwhile, Jasmine continues on her mission to get through to moody man of mystery Robbo. But she’s in for a shock when the former Federal Agent agrees to an exercise workout and lets rip with a frenzy at the punchbag!

And Colby takes the stand at his Tribunal, where he is questioned about his past as a member of the River Boys surf gang and how this conflicts with his job as a policeman. But Colby is determined to prove his commitment to the police force and fighting crime in Summer Bay. But will it be enough to convince his superiors to officially let him get back into uniform?

Elsewhere, Olivia faces a dilemma when she is offered an exciting new job opportunity based in Melbourne. But it will mean leaving her friends and family behind and leaving Summer Bay…

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