Ryder is super-excited that he and girlfriend Coco are back together and has been busy planning their second ‘first’ date. However, the teenage lad is unaware Coco’s dad Ben has asked Ryder’s granddad Alf and aunt Roo to have a word with him about the birds and the bees! But neither Alf or Roo particularly want to be the one to have the ‘The Talk’. Alf craftily drops Roo in it, and she attempts to get the message across to her nephew. But what will Ryder make of Roo’s sensible advice?

Meanwhile, Ziggy is giving her younger sister Coco ‘The Talk’ as well. But between playing big sister and visiting her mum Maggie in hopsital, Ziggy hasn’t been spending a whole lot of time with her new husband Brody. When will Brody get the chance to sit down with his wife and talk about their future?

Elsewhere, Willow is in a muddled headspace following Justin’s bombshell he is still in love with her. Then, to complicate matters, Willow’s ex-boyfriend Dean turns up on the doorstep! Can Willow see herself ever getting back together with either Justin or Dean?

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