Ziggy is super-excited that she and boyfriend Brody are soon to get married. Everything is a whirlwind since Ziggy is taking no chances and wants her mum Maggie, who has cancer, to be around for the couple’s Big Day.

However, with Maggie on her mind, Ziggy has started to let Maggie take over the wedding plans and agree to everything she suggests for fear of upsetting her. But both Maggie and hubby Ben realise what’s happening and, as a test, Maggie starts to suggest some ridiculous wedding ideas which Ziggy still agrees to!

Deciding enough is enough, Ben warns Ziggy of the dangers of letting someone else plan her special day and Ziggy finally takes charge. But who will she choose as her bridesmaid?

Meanwhile, Justin teams-up with policeman Colby for a trip to Mangrove River to track down scheming Hazel who was behind his daughter Ava’s kidnapping. But things take a dangerous turn when a pub bartender recognises Colby as a copper. What will Justin and Colby do when they come face-to-face with a unpleasant gang, friends of Hazel’s late son, Boyd, who Colby fatally shot?

Also, Ryder warns Raffy not to pressure new boyfriend Ty, as she starts planning their days so they can spend every moment together. But will love-struck Raffy take Ryder’s advice?

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