Home and Away spoilers: Will Tori Morgan say goodbye to her ex Ash?

With the clock ticking, it looks like Tori has washed her hands of ex-boyfriend Ash. Will the doc miss her chance to say goodbye?

After fours years in town, Ash has decided to leave Summer Bay to go and visit his little niece Luc. But it seems like his girlfriend Tori couldn’t care less. And having avoided Ash at his own leaving do, the hospital doc throws herself into work stuff.

However, Tori’s brother Justin reckons she will always regret it if she doesn’t say a final farewell to Ash. But as Ash has a final surf down at the beach and packs up his car ready to drive out of town, it looks like stubborn Tori has missed her chance to wave him off. Is this how things will end between the ex-lovers?

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the kiss, Ryder attempts to talk to Ty. But when Ryder asks Ty if he is gay, the teenager flips out and there’s a whole lot of pushing and shoving! When Raffy and Coco witness Ryder and Ty’s fight, will Raffy finally discover the real reason new boyfriend Ty just isn’t all that into her?

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