Home and Away spoilers: Will Ty change his mind about meeting his mum?

Marilyn is in a muddle over whether her foster son Ty should meet the mum who abandoned him. Will the teenager change his mind?

Marilyn and John’s foster family has been disrupted again by the news Ty’s mum wants to see him again.

But although Ty has already made it clear he doesn’t want to see the woman who abandoned him and may not be accepting of his sexuality, foster mum Marilyn begins to worry Ty may regret it if he passes on the opportunity to reconnect with his mum.

So despite hubby John’s warnings to stop meddling, Marilyn decides she wants to meet Ty’s mum herself. She believes everyone deserves a second chance and wants to understand the situation more clearly. But will Marilyn’s actions help Ty or just upset the teenager even more?

Meanwhile, Jasmine is still on edge after Colby’s near-death experience at the hands of evil Ebony. She’s desperate to reach out and talk about the situation with Robbo, who heroically stopped Ebony in her tracks before she could set fire to the house where Colby was trapped. But Robbo seems to be laying low, leaving Jasmine even more intrigued by Summer Bay’s moody man of mystery!

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