Home and Away spoilers: Will Ziggy and Brody postpone their wedding?

The Astoni family reel from mum Maggie's shock decision to stop her chemotherapy treatment for cancer. Will Ziggy and Brody postpone their wedding?

Ben is frustrated by his wife Maggie’s decision to give up on her chemotherapy treatment for cancer and pleads with her to change her mind.

But it seems Maggie’s mind is made up and she asks Ben to respect her decision and not tell their daughters until after Ziggy and Brody’s wedding. However, will Ben agree to keep Maggie’s secret or vent his frustrations by telling someone?

Unfortunately, it looks like Ziggy and Brody’s Big Day is already in jeopardy, after Ziggy discovers the envelope of cash for wedding costs has been stolen from her bag at Salt! Did cash-strapped Willow swipe the money to feed her gambling addiction?

Meanwhile, horrible Hazel urges her daughter Ebony to hurry-up and finish-off policeman Colby, who fatally shot Ebony’s brother Boyd. But is Colby getting one-step closer to exposing Ebony’s true identity, when he decides to investigate who reported his and Dean’s fight at the Caravan Park?

Desperate to throw him off the scent, scheming Ebony decides to draw Willow and boyfriend Dean into her wicked games. But what does she have planned?

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