Home is the place

We saw a great clash of overbearing mothers when Alex’s boozy mum Melina showed up at Bree’s house and started making demands about her son and Andrew’s future life together. Bree wasn’t having any of it, and being an excellent schemer herself, she soon got her own back by buying Andrew and Alex a house on Wisteria Lane so they’ll be closer to her than ever!

Despite her worst fears, Susan’s boozy night gay-clubbing didn’t end up with a naughty encounter with an equally inebriated Lee. But it did lead to a good heart-to-heart with her kimono-wearing neighbour the next day about her relationship with Jackson. Lee’s got her thinking more clearly about moving away from Fairview to live with her younger man. Will she really do it?

Will Lynette now go any further on her mission of revenge against Warren Shilling, the wronged husband who threatened Porter?

Now Gaby’s sorted out a top money-making job for Carlos and he’s reluctantly taken it what will it mean for the domestic bliss at the Solis house since he got his sight back?

Edie’s now turned on Dave after his revelation about being married before. Although she’s told him to get out of her life, she doesn’t know the half of it. Closest to uncovering the full truth are Mrs McCluskey and her sister Roberta (Lily Tomlin). But can Dave be stopped before he does something terrible to Mike?