Marlon and Donna have spent the night at the Dingles after storming out of the pub and they’re desperate to find some new accommodation before their meeting with social services about looking after the kids. The couple are forced to admit that the Dingle house is their only option, but when they put forward their case at the hearing, it’s clear that their new living arrangements will not be good enough and their application to take on the kids will be turned down. Donna is furious.

Billy’s presence in the village continues to cause consternation and he gets a cool reception from Turner and is sent packing by Katie when she finds him helping Jo fix a motorbike at Butler’s Farm. Jimmy is worried about an upset Kelly and later squares up to Billy, but Daz steps in to protect his dad. Jack worries as he looks on.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s insistence that Jimmy make life hard for Billy while he’s working for the Kings seems to be having some affect. But Kelly realises that she’s going to have to resort to drastic measures if she wants to get rid of him and she starts to plot…