When DS Heaton learns that the local newspaper is running with a ‘possible closure of Sun Hill’ story, he delivers the news to the officers telling them it’s either them or Barton Street.

Meanwhile, Pcs Diane Noble and Honey Harman go to an address where a young woman named Karen is found dead in what turns out to be suicide from a heroin overdose. When questioned, Karen’s friend Maggie tells Honey that Karen had mounting debts and had become involved with a loan shark who was making her sell crack in order to meet the payments.

Back at the station, Jake Bennett, a worker at the local church, is arrested by an undercover Honey and admits to DC Mickey Webb that he’s also in trouble with the same loan shark – Gary Bryce. Heaton tells Mickey that nailing Bryce will keep Sun Hill on the map so Jake is sent wired-up to get Bryce to confess to his part in Karen’s suicide. But when Karen’s ex-husband arrives, the whole operation is blown and Mickey must break the bad news to Heaton…

Elsewhere, Pcs Roger Valentine and Dan Casper are called to a pub where landlord Vince Morgan – an acquaintance of Roger – has been attacked. Dan and Roger soon realise that not all is what it seems – and Roger begins to doubt whether Vince is the honest man he thinks he is.